Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Metro Moments: Lunch at the Winter Garden Atrium

Needed to take a stroll around the city. Found myself at ground zero. I've always wondered around to the west of this wonderful area, but
I never ventured around behind of where the twin towers used to stand.

Behind ground zero, I found a wonderful mirage of huge palm trees and marble incased in thousands of glass panels. The light coming in from the sunny day engulfed the beautiful indoor atrium, flooding it natural light. In one end, on top of the circular steps made of marble, was a big window with a view to ground zero. There was much construction this day, for the freedom tower was being built.

If you plan on visiting the area, pack a lunch and visit the Winter Garden. Plenty of space to eat in the
Atrium, or on those wonderful marble stairs.

Photo: © 2011, Carlos F. Meneses. All Rights Reserved

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